Full Throttle Remastered Coming From Double Fine This 2017

Still not over the Day of the Tentacle Remastered announcement? Well, maybe you should be, because Double Fine already has a new announcement to hype you with.

This time, they have confirmed they will be making Full Throttle Remastered. It will come with all new artwork, high resolution backgrounds and animation. As always, Double Fine promises to give it the attention and care expected of such a remaster.

Perhaps the most curious element of this announcement is the one that Double Fine did not address. Mark Hamill, who seems set to return in the Star Wars movie series in The Force Awakens, had a notable role in Full Throttle, but not as the hero.

Instead, Hamill played Adrian Ripburger, the game’s primary antagonist. Without giving too much away, Hamill demonstrated versatility in playing the glib, sinister henchman who was looking to go up in the world in a big way.

Hamill happens to already have an existing video game related project as well; he plays Steve ‘Old Man’ Colton in Star Citizen’s Squadron 42. This isn’t to say that he couldn’t have worked on all these projects, but we don’t know if he will be tapped to redo his lines for the remaster at all. Of course, I’m sure he’d be happy with just collecting a paycheck off the royalties for this game too.

Full Throttle Remastered will be coming to PC & PlayStation platforms in 2017.