Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 on PTU, Mark Hammill’s Squadron 42 Role Revealed

It’s the news you have been waiting weeks to find out. Finally, Mark Hammill reveals his role in one of the hottest upcoming games, Star Citizen.

If it’s not the role that you had in mind, I apologize but we think you’ll like it nonetheless. For the Squadron 42 story campaign, Mark will be playing Lt Cdr Steve ‘Old Man’ Colton. Mark’s using a fittingly gruff old man voice for this once, but his in-game character is also instantly recognizable.

 Mark’s a long time away from his Star Wars days, but also under his resume was an old Chris Roberts favorite more than a few Star Citizen fans are no doubt familiar with. Mark played Christopher "Maverick" Blair, the protagonist of the Wing Commander game series, in the live action segments of the space flight sim series.  Ther are no Kilrathi to conquer for Squadron 42, but you can consider this an extension of that continuity in your headcanon, if you feel like it.

For fans who invested in, Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 is already live on the PTU. It’s expected to be available for everyone within a week.

No patch notes, but here’s what Cloud Imperium Games promised:

New Features:

  • Large World Map (1 million km x 1 million km x 400k km)
  • Multi-Crew (work with friends on big ships)
  • New UI and HUD
  • FPS Combat (More animations and stances will be added over time)


  • 3 Moons
  • 3 space stations

New Ships:

  • Retaliator
  • Constellation (most multi-crew ship owners will get assigned this)
  • Avenger variants
  • Vanguard (Hangar Ready Only)

Things to do:

  • 8 Combat missions
  • 8 Research missions
  • 1 Exploration missions
  • 1 PVP mission
  • 20 random encounters (pirate attacks)
  • About 3 hours of doing the missions alone.

New Area:

  • Million Mile high club

Check out Old Man Mark Hammill’s intro trailer above.Star Citizen is in development for Windows and Linux.