GTA Online Adds American Football-with-Cars Mode ‘Runner Back’

The GTA Online Adversary mode's offerings will be further enhanced today with the release of Running Track

Running Back is inspired by American football and will be a permanent addition in the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions of the game. 

It consists of two teams which can have up to four players each. The teams begin at opposite sides of a road, with a runner car charged with crossing the end zone line at the other end. 

The runner car is the Benefactor Panto, while teammates and the opposition use BF Biftas. Their job is to try to stop the runner however they can.

There are three locations where Runner Back is available; Raton Canyon Bridge, La Mesa Bridgem, and Zancudo Tunnel.

Rockstar plans to host a livestream showcasing the mode and other Adversary addition at 17:00 ET today on YouTube and Twitch.