Street Fighter V: Laura Trailer Revealed, Second Beta Coming This Month

Capcom has shared details for their upcoming second beta for Street Fighter 5. While they are reticent to talk about leaked character Laura, EB Games New Zealand has given us the first video footage of the new fighter in action.

Laura hails from Brazil, like Blanka and Sean, and her martial art is the fictional school of Matsuda jiu-jitsu. This naming is relevant; making it clear this is the Brazilian sportive martial art, separated from its Japanese progenitor, jujutsu. Laura’s electric jiu-jitsu style mixes some capoeira style kicks, a lot of stand up strikes, and an emphasis on hard take downs. We haven’t seen any ground and pound yet, but Capcom may be saving that for later.

The beta is tentatively scheduled between October 22 to 25, and will have new fighters , Ken, Necalli, Vega, and R. Mika at launch. Rashid and Karin will be added in the succeeding days, but the characters from the original beta will not be available.

When all the characters go live, the beta will also finally be made available on PC. The beta will boast cross platform play, combined leaderboards, ranked matchmaking, player search, and even fight money unlockables, namely, the Kanzuki Estate stage.

Of course, none of the data from beta will be carried over when it officially releases next year, and players should expect bugs.

At least, here’s hoping the beta will run more smoothly this time. Check out Laura’s trailer above.