Might & Magic Heroes VII’s Latest Trailer Details the Campaign and Combat System

Ubisoft has put together a new trailer for the upcoming turn-based strategy game Might & Magic Heroes VII, which follows in the grand tradition of the previous titles in the Might & Magic Heroes series.

The fantasy strategy series has been a staple of turn-based strategy games since the release of Heroes of Might and Magic way back in 1995 when it was developed by New World Computing. The series went on to spawn several sequels, eventually landing in the hands of publisher Ubisoft, which has kept it true to the original games in the series.

The new video focuses on the game's extensive single player campaign, some of its factions, and the expanded tactical combat system. Offering more than just a graphical update, the new mechanics are certain to breathe new life into the franchise. 

The game had two closed betas, the most recent of which was declared a "great success" by Ubisoft after it gained tens of thousands of players who played more than 230,000 hours of the game during its 12 day period. Players were able to test four of the six factions present in the game, and fought over 9 million battles. 

Developed by Limbic Entertainment and published by Ubisoft, the game is said to consist of dedicated fans of the series, who promise to respect the long-standing tradition of introducing features chosen by the community. 

The release of Might & Magic Heroes VII marks the franchise's 20th anniversary. It'll be out on September 29.