Fast Racing Neo Will Have All Content At Launch, Planned For Wii U Only

Excited for Fast Racing Neo? Shin’en CEO Manfred Linzner shared some interesting details in a new interview.

Shin’en is a small company, only five people overall, and they have published 30 titles across console and handheld. They are the odd developer that has seen their most relationship with Nintendo, with whom they have a good relationship with. All their games have sold the most on Wii U, perhaps a surprising assertion given they released Nano Assault Neo X on PlayStation 4.

Between working on Nano Assault Neo X, Art of Balance, and Fast Racing Neo, Shin’en wanted to ensure the latter would be in the best shape that it could be, so they took their time with development between 2013 and today.

Linzner explains that compared to its predecessor futuristic racers, WipeOut and F-Zero, Fast Racing Neo is about speed and phase switching. Shin’en worked so that players understand the qualities each vehicle has immediately. In fact, the whole game adopts Nintendo’s common adage of easy to learn, difficult to master.

Most interestingly, Linzner has gone on record that they will release all content for the game at launch. This means, there are no plans for DLC at all. Given how Shin’en does things, they may already be planning their next game.

Finally, Linzner says Fast Racing Neo is Wii U only for now, with no set release date, but if they were to port it, they would be interested in bringing it to a new handheld.