Square-Enix Launches Final Fantasy Portal, Gives Away One Million Downloads Of Final Fantasy In Japan

Good news for Japanese fans of the popular role-playing series Final Fantasy, Square-Enix has announced that Final Fantasy will now have its own portal app on iOS and Android – in a similar vein to what was done with the Dragon Quest series.

This new app – called the Final Fantasy Portal App includes a host of features, with news, trailers and information pertaining to the Final Fantasy series. Japanese users who have accounts registered with Square-Enix will be awarded points for the somewhat straightforward role of reading news articles and accessing the portal, acting as an incentive perhaps for players to download and use the app.

Additionally, Square-Enix are also giving away a million free downloadable copies of the original Final Fantasy on iOS and Android. If you're a Japanese fan, you can get your hands on these goodies when the Final Fantasy Portal App launches on February 5th at 12pm Tokyo time. As of yet there appears to be no plans to share this offer with fans in the West, despite the fact that the game itself is available to download worldwide.