‘I’m In Love With a DOTA Player’ Soap Airing on Philippine TV

Yes, we are totally serious. A TV network in the Philippines will be airing a rom com on primetime called I’m In Love With A DOTA Player.

This will be part of a show called Wattpad Presents, a soap opera which takes fan submitted stories online and takes them to print, or in this case, TV.

I’m In Love With A DOTA Player was written by blue_maiden, and contrary to what you may have assumed, it’s actually a teen romance. Based on the comments, some readers may have laughed at the premise, but some girls feel  an actual dilemma when their boyfriends are addicted to DOTA.

The novel description explains the premise of a girl frustrated with boys who are addicted to DOTA, but did not expect that DOTA players could be so loving. The show ramps it up a notch, making the DOTA player one of the best in their campus. Fittingly enough, playing the leads are local teen idols Mark Neumann and Shaira Mae.

How big a deal is this show, you may ask? Check out this billboard. It's certainly testament to how popular the game is in this country.

The Wattpad presentation of I’m In Love With A DOTA Player is scheduled for February 2 to 6, 9 PM GMT +8 on Philippine station TV5. Do you happen to read Filipino? You can actually read the original novella here.