Master Chief Collection Still Broken, Gamers Vow to Boycott Halo 5 Until Fix Arrives

Gamers are understandably angry with Master Chief Collection developer 343 Industries and publisher Microsoft Studios. The remaster has been plagued with glitches from the start, and considering it's been over two months since the title's release, we're a bit surprised that 343 Industries hasn't fixed the game's overbearing problems.

Gamers have put this together, boycotting Halo 5 until The Master Chief Collection is repaired:

Another group of gamers is calling for 343 Industries to at least have a second beta before rushing into Halo 5. They write:

"It is incredibly inportant that [343i] have another beta to fix any last bugs before release. It's also important that the community get to try the game before they buy. People won't rush into it this time."

I doubt that the boycotting approach will have much sway with gamers when Halo 5 hits store shelves, but asking 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios to bring another beta into the mix isn't asking for the moon. It's actually quite reasonable, and hopefully someone on the other side is listening in.

Considering the release date for Halo 5 is still shrouded in mystery – all we know is that it will be a 2015 release – there's still a lot of time between here and the title's actual debut. We just hope that The Master Chief Collection gets fixed, and that Halo 5 arrives without many bugs or issues.