Lizard Squad Suspect Questioned by Finnish Police

A self-proclaimed member of Lizard Squad, Finnish teenager 'Ryan', was questioned this week by the country's National Bureau of Investigation. 

Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for the DDoS attacks which crippled PlayStation Network and Xbox Live over the Christmas period and Finnish site yle reports that he was taken in for questioning at the start of the week before being released. However, the Washington Post, citing Lizard Squad, states that Ryan remains in custody despite NBI denials. 

The NBI says it believes the DDoS strikes originated in Finland, and as such it will be leading the investigation which is currently at an early stage and working closely with the FBI, which has also announced that it is looking into the attacks. 

Should he be found guilty, Ryan faces a sentence ranging from four months to four years in prison. The NBI questioned Ryan after he appeared on Sky News to boast about the attacks, which he said were "essentially" committed by three people. Ryan added that Lizard Squad saw the attacks as a type of a game. 

When questioned, Ryan said he was not a spokesperson for Lizard Squad, and had no direct involvement with the DDoS attacks. 

News of Ryan's questioning comes after British police confirmed they arrested 22 year old Vinnie Omari in relation to suspicious PayPal activity and possibly links to the PSN and XBL outages. Omari has since been released on bail.