Dragon Age Inquisition: Merchant Crafting Material Locations Guide

Dragon Age: Inquisition came out just over a week or so ago to some pretty rave reviews. Gamers and reviewers alike have praised the game for its scope and quality. However, given the size of Dragon Age: Inquisition, many players may struggle in accomplishing certain tasks in the game world. I know, from experience, that RPGs often require a helping hand.

In Dragon Age: Inquisition, players can craft a huge number of items and equipment upgrades. Finding the materials to create these character improvements can be a difficult task, so we're here to help. This guide lists all of the different crafting materials unique to each merchant in the game world.

Merchant Crafting Material Locations Guide

Crestwood (Village of Crestwood)

  • Embrium (T2) (Herb) – 42g
  • Rashvine (T2) (Herb) – 42g
  • Deep Mushroom (T2) (Herb) – 42g
  • Deathroot (T2) (Herb) – 42g

(Caer Bronach)

  • Spindleweed (T1) (Herb) – 20g
  • Elfroot (T1) (Herb) – 20g
  • Blood Lotus (T1) (Herb) – 20g

Hinterlands (The Crossroads)

  • Elfroot (T1) (Herb) – 20g
  • Spindleweed (T1) (Herb) – 20g
  • Death Lotus (T1) (Herb) – 20g
  • Ram Leather (T1) (Leather) – 20g
  • Nugskin (T1) (Leather) – 20g
  • Fennec Fur (T1) (Leather) – 20g
  • Druffalo Hide (T1) (Leather) – 20g
  • Dragonling Scales (T1) (Leather) – 20g
  • Canine Leather (T1) (Leather)- 20g
  • Bronto Hide (T1) (Leather) – 20g

The Emerald Graves (Argon's Lodge)

  • Essence Containment Apparatus – 20g
  • Pyrophite (T2) (Metal) – 42g
  • Paragon's Luster (T2) (Metal) – 42g
  • Obsidian (T2) (Metal) – 42g

Exalted Plains (Dalish Camp)

  • Quillback Leather (T2) (Leather) – 42g
  • Phoenix Scales (T2) (Leather) – 42g
  • Ram Leather (T1) (Leather) – 20g

Val Royeaux

  • Velveteen (T1) (Cloth) – 20g
  • Silk (T1) (Cloth) – 20g
  • Cotton (T1) (Cloth) – 20g

Skyhold (Lower merchants by the stables)

  • Fusing Agent – 214g
  • Serault Infused Glass – 42g