PlayStation 5 Production Is Faster Than Ever Before According To PlayStation CEO

When it comes to the PlayStation 5, it’s an incredibly popular console platform. It’s an exciting time in general for the video game industry. We have new console platforms, thrilling upcoming video games, and even services such as the Xbox Game Pass. Both Microsoft and Sony are struggling to get stock out into the market. Thanks to the worldwide health pandemic, the console platforms launched at a difficult time.

While we’re still dealing with the pandemic, the Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, Jim Ryan, confirms more PS5 units are coming. There hasn’t really been a question on if new PlayStation 5 units will be coming. However, most consumers wonder how long it will be before we start seeing PlayStation 5 units readily available. Speaking with Reuters, Jim Ryan noted that they are building PlayStation’s faster than ever before. However, despite throwing out as many units as possible, it’s challenging to meet the demand.

We’ve built more PlayStations faster than we ever have before which makes me happy. But on the other hand, we’re some time from being able to meet all the demand that’s out there, which makes me feel bad.

Jim Ryan

Much like just about every gadget and gizmo low in stock, chip shortages are to blame. The lack of chips is what’s causing the shortage in consoles and graphics cards to even vehicles. Still, it looks like Sony is trying to throw out as many PlayStation 5 units into the marketplace as possible. Most consumers are just waiting on stock alerts for their nearby retailers.

There’s no indication as to when the market will stabilize. We very well might see another influx of consumers seeking units and resellers flipping these PlayStation 5 units by the holiday season. For now, we know that Target is supposed to receive a new shipment of PlayStation 5 units this week. Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to snag one before they are sold out.