PlayStation 5 Restock Reportedly Coming to Target This Week

Good news for those still wanting a next-gen console: Target is reportedly about to have a large restock on PlayStation 5s this week, either one July 28 or 29. If true, the restock is said to be one of the largest the retailer’s had since the game launched, meaning there’s a good chance that, if you’re quick and alert, you may be able to grab one.

The news comes courtesy of PS5 restock expert Jake Randall, who cites insider information that the console will go up for sale on Target’s website either tomorrow or the day after that. Randall is usually fairly reliable on these predictions, so the likelihood that this will happen is high. For specific times, he said: “The drop will likely be between 6:30am ET and 9am ET on either Wed 7/28 or Thurs 7/29” and added that he’ll livestream to help his followers secure the consoles.

The other major retailers that stock the PS5 restocked relatively recently: Walmart and Best Buy restocked the consoles on July 22 and 23, respectively. GameStop also sold out of bundles after it restocked earlier this week. This means it’s unlikely those retailers will be able to refill their stock again any time soon. On the other hand, Target last restocked on July 9, meaning it’s more likely it’s been able to get hold of more consoles.

Stock of both the next-gen consoles, the PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S, have been perpetually sold out and hard to find ever since they launched last November. The reasons for this are varied: For starters, the pandemic has made it difficult to source components for both consoles, most notably chips. The shortage of these components is expected to last well into next year. In addition, when consoles do go on sale, they’re frequently snatched up by poachers. We encourage all users to avoid buying from poachers, as their mark-ups on consoles are absurd.