Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Release Date And Price, Comparison Screens Revealed

Capcom has confirmed the release date for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. The anthology will also be playable in this year’s upcoming New York Comic Con.

The anthology bundles Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney,Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice For All, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations and is only available via digital download. It will be available in North America on December 9, for $ 29.99, and UK and Europe on December 11 for £24.99 or €29.99.

The game has received some remastering to adapt from Nintendo DS to Nintendo 3DS. Because of the differences in screen resolution, Capcom had to do some trimming for the new 3DS version of the game. While this may not be good news for everyone, keep in mind that the graphics also received an upgrade so that the game looks better in bigger screens. Some fans may also remember these games originated in Game Boy Advance in Japan, so there was definitely some work made to increase the games’ graphical quality, even if it may not be apparent. In any case, the modifications do not seriously affect gameplay, and for the price, this is a good way to be introduced to or to replay the franchise.

You can check out a gallery of Capcom’s comparison screens from the DS to 3DS below.