Bungie’s Next IP Might Be Another F2P Game

Bungie is an iconic video game development studio. They gained their footing in the industry by delivering one of Microsoft’s biggest video game exclusives, Halo. That was before the IP exchanged hands to 343 Industries. Still, over the years, Bungie had delivered iconic Halo installments before moving onto their current IP. So while the studio is still working on Destiny 2 content, they are preparing for their next IP.

Job postings shouldn’t really be considered accurate information when it comes to video game rumors. However, it’s always exciting to see any kind of details regarding future video game projects. For example, Bungie has recently posted a new job listing that is seeking a Senior Marketing Manager. While that position alone doesn’t offer anything noteworthy, the job posting description does provide two small bits of interesting information. The listing, in particular, is based around Bungie’s next IP.

Searching the Bungie job listings, you will find that there are still roles needed for Destiny 2. However, this listing directly states that this is for the next IP from Bungie. Outside of the standard required skills for a Senior Marketing Manager, there are some additional skills listed. Included in that list is the mention of games as a service and F2P.

Again, job listings are not the most accurate thing to look at for rumors, but we could see the following video game IP from Bungie become a F2P title. Obviously, all we can do is wait and see what’s officially unveiled when the time comes. Are you interested in Bungie sticking with the F2P route, which they transitioned into shortly after the launch of Destiny 2?