H1Z1 Dev Talks Crafting, Item Degradation, and More

Sony Online Entertainment has released a new H1Z1 developer spotlight video, which features senior game designer Paul Carrico who takes us into the game's crafting mechanics. 

The video runs for four minutes and features Carrico answering fan-generated questions, one of which relates to crafting and he says "Crafting can get really deep," using makeshift weapon production as an example. Carrico also talks about different types of ammo, but adds that exploding, flaming, and poison-tipped arrows won't feature untl the game's early access version is available.

He also talks about item degredation, which impacts shelters, weapons, and tools. 

Sony also recently hosted a lenghty live stream of the game, which explored crafting and base building. The archived stream is also embedded below, along with a video looking at the highlights in case you don't have an hour and a half to watch.

H1Z1 is in development for PC and PS4.