Mysterious Nintendo E-Reader Card Goes to Auction

A strange piece of gaming history that isn’t supposed to exist has re-emerged on eBay and is currently available for purchase. It’s a small card with Kirby on it, and it’s part of a group of Nintendo e-reader cards that were all supposed to have been destroyed about 20 years ago. Seller “andersoncentraal” has uploaded what they claim is proof that this item is the real thing — and if it is, it’s an extremely rare, possibly unique piece of gaming memorabilia.

Here’s your history lesson for the day: Nintendo once had an e-reader addition for the Game Boy Advance. You could plug it into the handheld, and then it could scan cards that would give the user special prizes. The seller claims that this card is one of a set of promotional cards that were given out to attendees at E3 2002, and of the cards, 10 would result in the user getting a “first prize” result. Nintendo is alleged to have destroyed all of these winning cards after they were swiped in order to prevent users from swiping them twice.

But if this card currently up for sale on eBay is the real McCoy, then it appears they missed one. The seller has uploaded a video of themself swiping the card to prove its authenticity. The seller appears to be in good standing on eBay, so hopefully, this is real, but of course, I warn everyone to take it with a grain of salt.

I doubt this item is going to reach the price levels commanded by, say, the mint copy of Super Mario 64 that recently sold for over $1.5 million. But at the time of this writing, the eBay auction is currently sitting at $9,100. If you have the money to spare, you could actually make an attempt to purchase this piece of gaming history.

Source: IGN