EA Officially Reveals Newest Apex Legends Character, Seer

EA has revealed the latest hero to join Apex Legends. This new character is called Seer, and we’re not yet sure what abilities he’s going to have, except that it’ll probably have something to do with his eyes. He was revealed in an animated short film that explores his origins, and we’ll allegedly hear more about him during the EA Play Live event later this week. We’ll also be hearing more about the upcoming season of Apex at the same event.

Seer (real name: Obi) seems to have some kind of congenital problem that makes his eyes all white and glowy. He also has a glowing chest piece that apparently dispenses small, bug-sized drones that can form the shape of the moth. The description of him on the Apex Legends site says, “With microdrones and an artist’s eye, Seer spots opportunities that other Legends might miss, and seizes them in the most beautiful way he can.”

Fans have apparently taken quite well to the character, judging by the amount of fanart I was able to find after a cursory search on Twitter. We may not know exactly what his gameplay purpose is, but there’s no denying Seer’s got style. Emergence will also apparently come with a limited skin for him, and his signature design element appears to be wide-brimmed hats.

We’ll probably see more of not only Seer but also the Apex updates at the EA Play Live event later this week. Unlike so many of EA’s other franchises — Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Star Wars, SkateApex Legends is actually supposed to be there alongside Battlefield 2042 and assorted EA Sports games. We’ll get a glimpse of the new season, called “Emergence” at the event, which is supposed to include a new weapon and map changes, among other things.

Source: Apex Legends