Sifu Latest Trailer Reveals 2022 Release Date

If you recall Absolver there is a new title from the same development team coming out next year called Sifu. We’ve seen Sifu a good while back now when the developers we’re giving this game a 2021 launch window. Today during the PlayStation State of Play event, that release window just got pushed back. It looks like we’re going to be waiting until some time in 2022 before we get our hands on a copy. 

This is a martial arts fighting game that looks to be quite intense as you battle against a slew of varied enemies. However, there also looks to be a play on age with the protagonist getting more skilled as he progresses through time. The older you get the more skilled you become but again we won’t be getting a copy for this game until 2022. Still, that doesn’t mean there’s not some new footage we can highlight as the game was once again showcased in a variety of different battles and set locations.

As mentioned, the game will be taking a bit more time to complete which is not out of the norm for game development teams in general. However, with the pandemic still a thing we’re all dealing with, it’s not too surprising to see that the developers are needing a bit more time to work out the game production fully. Hopefully, as we get closer to 2022 we’ll start getting a more narrow release window for Sifu rather than being just sometime early 2022. 

At any rate, you can watch the latest trailer for the game in the video embedded above. We’ll keep you updated when we get more news regarding the title and its launch date. Although, you can expect Sifu to hit the marketplace for the PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 console platforms.

Source: YouTube