Metric Ton of Skyrim Details Revealed

Skyrim has the honor of being the most highly anticipated RPG this year. Set for a November 11 release, the latest title in the Elder Scrolls franchise delivers players to the frozen north where they will battle dragons and fulfill ancient prophecies.

The latest issue of the French edition of PSM3 has yet to hit stores, but it contains a slew of new information about the game.

– Once King of Skyrim was found dead, it sparked off a civil war

– Quest givers can give you either more or less information regarding a quest

– Taverns will play great role in the game since they will be locations whre players will overhear conversations, start quests, gain information and much more

– Player can boost all perks to level 100 but can’t get all perks

– Players will be able to cook, woodcut, mine and blacksmith

– A settlement called Riverwood can be found in game

– Some weapons will have concealed effects as long you don’t try them yourself

– Magnetism will allow you to prevent friendly fire in combat

– Each settlement will provide an unique feel

– Wind will effect water stream

– Dragon encounters won’t be scripted

– One of the cities of Skyrim will be dedicated to the Dunmer while Haafingar will be the largest port available in game

– Dwemer Ruins will be available in Skyrim

– Weather effects will be a part of the game

– Equipment can be repaired

– Player can break into NPC houses or silently stalk them

– Block mechanism can’t be used in combat as long player has a spell equipped to one of his character hands

– Various different colors, rituals and other features will be added to each of the Nord factions available in game

– Archers can hold their breath to boost accuracy

– Ice Trap freezes an enemy when he walks over trap – similar to WoW’s Ice Trap

– Circle of Protection spell pushes surrounding enemies from player

– Detect Life allows player to detect life in his vicinity – most likely similar to tracking spells of hunter class in WoW

– Fury makes enemies go berserk and fight each other