Konami Partners with Bloober Team, Silent Hill Rumor Mill Already Running

Konami today announced it’d partnered with Bloober Team in some kind of new project. Neither is saying exactly what kind of project they’re going to be working on together, but naturally speculation is rampant that the two companies are going to be working on a Silent Hill title. This isn’t just wishing, either: There’s a lot of evidence that a Silent Hill game is in the works, but we don’t yet know for sure if that’s what Bloober Team is working on.

Bloober and Konami announced their new partnership this morning. Unlike other acquisitions and partnerships, the two companies are very vague on what exactly they’re hoping to do together, with the announcement stating they plan “cooperation in the development of contents and the exchange of know-how.” That could mean just about anything at this point.

Naturally, this has sent rumors about a possible new Silent Hill game into overdrive. Bloober Team’s most recent game, The Medium, not only had a character transitioning between the “real” world and a dark other world, but it also featured a soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka, best known for Silent Hill’s scores. It’s not exactly a huge leap to assume this is what the two are partnering on.

And there is other evidence to suggest that a Silent Hill game is in the works. Bloober Team previously told Gamesindustry.biz that it was working on a new horror IP with a very famous publisher, and promised that fans would be excited when they found out what it was. A now-removed clip with Yamaoka from AI Hub had the composer imply he was working on a new game, and it was one fans are “hoping to hear about.” And whatever this new project is, assuming it is Silent Hill, it’s probably not using the indie Abandoned as a disguise.

Source: IGN