Blue Box Developer Uploads Video To Prove Abandoned Is Not Silent Hill

Silent Hill fans have been going through a long drought with no video games released or announced. This franchise was a massive hit when it first got started on the PlayStation thanks to the in-house group from Konami, Team Silent. With a variety of characters, enemies, and details fans continue to go back and play these earlier installments today. However, after Konami disbanded Team Silent and the game franchise was given to different western developers, the level of quality and care for the IP started to dwindle.

It’s left plenty of fans upset at each new installment where either the narrative doesn’t make sense, a lack of detail, and even continuity errors proving that some studios dropped the ball in the fan’s eyes. After the release of Silent Hill: Book of Memories for the PS Vita, the game franchise went dormant. Eventually, Hideo Kojima announced his take on the Silent Hill franchise with Silent Hills. This was a new game being developed by Konami’s in-house team but the unveiling was one of the more interesting aspects of the announcement.

Hideo Kojima crafted up a fake development studio and made a demo for a game called P.T. It was only after fans slowly uncovered all the puzzles and cryptic clues that the demo played a title screen logo for Silent Hills, confirming that a new installment was in the works. Unfortunately, that project was scrapped after Hideo Kojima and Konami went their separate ways. Now more rumors and speculation is popping up about Silent Hill and a potential return for the beloved franchise. One of those rumors is the upcoming Abandoned title from indie studio Blue Box is Silent Hill in disguise.

There was plenty of reason to believe this was the case in the past and that perhaps this was a deal struck between Hideo Kojima and Konami as Hideo used another false studio and demo reveal. However, there’s been plenty of fightback from Blue Box claiming that is not the case. Now the developer, Hasan Kahraman tweeted out a video through the official Blue Box Twitter account to confirm that he’s not Hideo Kojima and that there are no ties to Abandoned and Silent Hill. Still, fans point to Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain’s tease which used an actor as a developer to reveal the title. As a result, fans are still quite a bit skeptical.

Source: Twitter, VGC