Guardians of the Galaxy Will Be Streamer Friendly

During E3 2021 we had several stream events to attend. They were a bit like how an actual live press media conference would have gone through a more traditional E3 experience. One of the streams that took place during E3 2021 was Square Enix and with it came the unveiling of a brand new video game, Guardians of the Galaxy. This is one game that is being developed for fans worldwide, but also it looks like the developers are keeping in mind streamers.

Streamers continue to grow in popularity. With online communities building up and fans watching their favorite channels play through games, it’s become a great source to market video games. As a result, it makes sense that Square Enix is keeping streaming in mind when it comes to Guardians of the Galaxy. As mentioned, this game was unveiled during E3 2021, and with it came some brief details for what players can expect.

This is an action third-person game where players would follow a newly formed team seeking riches and adventure. Set to be a single-player experience, the game features not only plenty of combat mechanics to deliver powerful blows against their enemies but also a storyline that is adapted to the choices you make along the way. If you’re familiar with the Guardians of the Galaxy films then you know the soundtrack is pretty focused on popular pop music from the 1980s. 

That’s going to be something players can expect to hear within the game, but with it comes the fear of DMCA strikes for streamers. As a result, the developers have placed a Streamer Mode which would turn off licensed music. This is something we’re seeing more of as the developers are keeping track of the recent DMCA strikes hitting streaming channels which could potentially shut the entire channel down. 

Source: VentureBeat, Gamesradar