DayZ Standalone: How It Would Play On The PlayStation 4

With the announcement that DayZ could be coming to PlayStation 4, a fan has gone ahead and tested how well the game would work on a console.

To be clear, what he did was use the PC version of DayZ, a wired DualShock 2 controller, and Xpadder, to try to recreate the console experience on the console, and figure out what parts need improvement or modification to better suit the controller.

 This test hinges completely on the controller, and although he used a DualShock 2, he actually set up the Xpadder layout to simulate the DualShock 4 as much as possible. Of course, his setup does not include the DualShock 4’s touchpad, PS button or share button. He also mapped the buttons based purely on speculation. He did follow the common convention for first person games, so that the left analog stick moves the character and the right analog stick moves the camera, but the rest is speculation on his part.

For the most part, he found that the experience is mostly OK. There are a few things he feels a mouse and keyboard setup still does better, but they do not disqualify the DualShock 4 as a viable control option.

Since it was beyond the scope of his test, I think it may be possible for Bohemia Interactive to make use of the touchpad to expand the DualShock 4’s capabilities. It may also be entirely possible that Sony acquiesces to allow DayZ players to use USB mouse and keyboard on their PlayStation 4.

How do you think DayZ should be adapted for the PlayStation 4? What changes would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below.