Jack Sparrow Invades Sea of Thieves In Season 3

Rare’s Sea of Thieves has transitioned not that long ago to provide seasons of content. These are updates that bring in new gameplay elements or quests for players to partake within. Likewise, this content helps keep the game flowing with veteran players and newcomers alike. We’re getting ready to jump into season 3 and with it comes a new guest character from one of Disney’s beloved IPs, Pirates of the Caribbean

It makes sense for Pirates of the Caribbean to be featured in Sea of Thieves. We don’t often get pirate-themed video games so what better IP to bring out Jack Sparrow along with some of his friends from the iconic Disney franchise. This announcement came yesterday, during Microsoft’s Xbox media conference. We’re still in E3 here so there’s bound to be a ton of new interesting video game announcements, updates, trailers, teasers, reveals, and more to come. 

If you happened to miss out on the initial unveiling, Sea of Thieves season 3 will bring Jack Sparrow and a few other iconic characters to partake in a few quests. We’re still waiting to hear a bit more on what exactly we can expect, but the trailer does highlight the fact that we’ll be dealing with Davy Jones and ghosts to name just a few. We’re also not sure if there is more content planned for the future with Jack Sparrow when season 3 wraps up.

Regardless, we don’t have long to wait before we can get our hands on this update. Currently, Sea of Thieves season 3 is slated to release on June 22, 2021, which means we’ll be going through this new epic adventure with Jack later this month. If you haven’t seen this game trailer yet, you can check it out right now in the video embedded above.

Source: YouTube