Sony PlayStation CEO Upset To See PS5 Units Purchased By Resellers

We’re in 2021 and if we didn’t go through a big pandemic outbreak in 2020, getting our hands on a new game console shouldn’t be difficult at all during this point. We received both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms in 2020 and while every new game console launch results in a hot ticket item, we’re still dealing with console shortages. It’s a problem in practically every industry right now with the various chip shortages, but consumers trying to get their hands on a new console is not only frustrating to the actual consumer but companies like Sony as well.

There’s a big problem getting consoles in stock and while consumers are actively hunting for these consoles to pop up, it’s still an issue around the world. Resellers along with bots are quickly purchasing units and it’s done to allow these resellers into flipping the console product for a higher price point. Unfortunately, that’s not something a lot of markets can fix and it very well could be a difficult road to get the new consoles this year as well.

Recently, Sony PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan spoke with publication Axios. It was during the conversation that the topic of Sony PlayStation 5 consoles being a tough find for consumers came up. According to Jim Ryan, this is something that upsets him when he sees resellers and bots get their hands on the stock before customers and that Sony is working with retail partners to get PlayStation 5 units into the hands of actual customers.

We’re not sure just how long this drought of consoles will last, but this might make a more bitter E3 experience for some. With new games likely to be unveiled for the latest generation of console platforms, it’s another urge to get our hands on a unit to play some of these games. Meanwhile, Microsoft is looking to make gaming even more accessible without the need for a console. Perhaps we’ll hear more about that aspect of cloud gaming within Microsoft’s E3 2021 press conference stream.

Source: Axios