Microsoft’s E3 2021 Stream Conference Will Be 90 Minutes Long

Microsoft has been making some big moves lately to turn things in their favor this generation of gaming. While there are always going to be battles between which company is outranking the other, there is plenty of anticipation of what Microsoft has in the works. We had the acquisition of ZeniMax Media which came with Bethesda along with their Xbox Game Pass service making the Xbox umbrella quite enticing to join into in some fashion.

We say some fashion because Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has been promoting the spread of Xbox into other mediums that’s not exactly console or PC. There have been talks of integrating Xbox into smart TVs along with streaming HDMI sticks similar to what you would see from a Roku. Likewise, there’s the push to get xCloud going with a closed beta already allowing some users to test out the cloud streaming capabilities on web browsers for their Xbox Game Pass service. 

Now we’re getting ready for the big E3 2021 showcase which will be taking place on June 13, 2021, at 10 AM PT. This event will have plenty of content packed within it as it’s slated to last at least 90 minutes long. Likewise, this is their first E3 Microsoft is back since last year we had the pandemic which canceled the event entirely. Still, Microsoft and Bethesda will be teaming up for this event and while we’re not sure just what we can expect, we at least know how long the entire show will last.

Fortunately, you can watch the show just about on anything official from Xbox such as Twitch and YouTube. There’s also going to be a 4K version of the stream that will come out after the event ends so if you’re wanting that extra bump in quality then you’ll have the chance to view it afterward. In the meantime, we don’t have long of a wait to endure before we start to see just what Microsoft has planned in the coming months to years.

Source: Twitter