Minecraft: How To Use Librarian Villagers To Earn Infinite Emeralds

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Emeralds are the currency of Minecraft — they’re the little green gems you can trade to villagers for big rewards. With the right villagers and leveled-up professions, you can get high-tier enchanted gear before busting open a single diamond block. And there’s a way you can use villagers to earn an infinite supply of emeralds. Emeralds aren’t just great for buying stuff from villagers, each trade also levels up a villager’s profession. Leveling up professions causes villagers to sell better quality stuff! The more emeralds the better, and with a single profession you can turn your villager into an infinite emerald producer.

There’s a few tricks you’ll need to know to make this happen. First, you’ll need a village. You’ll also need a Librarian villager — which we can make by placing the correct job site block. We’ll also need to get your villager turned into a zombie so we can cure him! Cured villagers are much friendlier to you, and give you much better prices. Once we’ve done all that, we can begin the infinite emerald farm. No exploits here — and you can multiply how many emeralds you earn by making even more Librarians in your village!

We’ll go over all the steps below. This is how to get started farming emeralds forever.

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Image Source: [1]

How To Farm Villagers For Infinite Emeralds

There’s one Villager profession that can give you a profit just by trading with them. The Librarian Villager is one of the best sources for Emeralds — sure, you can trade Fletchers for sticks or give away all your rotten meat, but this might be the simplest method so far. Here are the basics.

  • Villager Emerald Farming | Librarian Edition
    • Find a Librarian Villager – or convert a Villager into a Librarian by placing a Lectern Job Site Block.
    • Buy x1 Bookcase for x1 Emerald.
    • Break the bookcase to gain x3 Books. Sell the books for x1 Emerald each, for a total of x3 Emeralds.
    • That’s a x2 Emerald profit for each trade.

The Librarian Villager will trade 12 times before needing to refresh stock. They’ll go to their job site block twice during the day to restock — so that’s a total of 36 Emeralds you can make per day with a single Librarian. Make multiple Librarians with multiple Lecterns in a village, and you can continue to multiply those numbers per day.

To get the most out of your trades, you’ll need to zombify and then cure the villager. To do this, switch your difficulty to Hard so there is a 100% chance a villager will zombify instead of dying. Also, make sure to trade with the librarian before zombifying him — if you’ve traded at least once, the zombie villager will never despawn.

A villager will zombify 100% of the time on Hard Difficulty when attacked by a zombie. To cure them, you need to apply Weakness (with a Potion of Weakness) and then use a Golden Apple. You can learn more about curing zombie villagers on our guider here. Curing a zombified villager will give you discounts when trading. Perfect for our farming needs!