Minecraft: How To Craft With Netherite | Best Weapons & Armor Guide

Diamond isn’t the best grade of gear in Minecraft anymore — the brand new Nether Update adds a load of new stuff in the deadly Nether region, and the best stuff you can find is Netherite. This all-powerful substance works a little differently than diamond, and crafting with it is slightly trickier. You’ll need more than a stack of Netherite to make the best items.

And Netherite really does make the best items. Netherite gear is a step above Diamond, and includes a load of special effects you won’t find anywhere else. Items made of Netherite don’t sink into lava — so they’re perfect for Nether exploration missions. Netherite is also more durable, faster, stronger, and tougher. It’s the best crafting material in the game now, so let’s wrap our heads around this mind-blowing fact together.

The only thing Netherite doesn’t beat is gold — gold still has a higher enchantment value. You can’t win at everything, Netherite.

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Netherite is a new material that outperforms Diamond, and imbues armor (and other items) with useful new effects. Netherite is a rare material only found in the Nether — and only in the lowest levels.

Crafting with Netherite isn’t as simple as other materials. There’s an extra step to get those ingots. Here’s the quick explanation:

  • How To Craft Nether Ingots:
    • At the lowest depths of the Nether, you can mine Ancient Debris.
    • Place Ancient Debris in a Furnace (or Blast Furnace) to refine into Nether Scrap. Beware, it’s going to take awhile!
    • Place 4 Nether Scrap and 4 Gold Ingots on a Crafting Table to create Netherite Ingots.

Netherite Ingots can be used to craft everything — you can create Netherite Pickaxes, Swords, Armor, and everything else. Netherite is a big improvement over Diamond, and that makes this a huge change to Minecraft. Maybe one of the biggest in years.

  • Netherite Effects:
    • Doesn’t sink in lava. Netherite items float on lava for easy retrieval!
    • Tools have higher durability and speed than Diamond.
    • Weapons deal more damage than Diamond.
    • Armor has higher durability and toughness than Diamond.
    • Netherite Armor has high knockback resistance to prevent unfortunate arrow attacks near ledges.
    • Netherite has a higher enchantment value than Diamond — but not as good as Gold.

Basically, Netherite is the best. Getting enough to make all your items into unstoppable weapons of destruction should be your next major goal in the game. It’s weirdly refreshing to see some life after Diamonds. What took so long?