FIFA 15: Transfer Market Confirmed, Impressions And Dev Interview

We have some news for you regarding EA Sports’FIFA 15, with the sources ultimately coming from EA themselves.

An EA community manager confirms that there will be a transfer market for FIFA 15, and even more than that, a web app. We have scant details outside of this, but if you were aching for a transfer market, you are going to get one.

On another end, a fan managed to get in a sneak peek at FIFA 15 at a private event in Seattle. It was kind of a big deal, with some actual football players trying it out too, and Larry Hryb also in attendance. Most importantly, however, producer Santiago Jaramillo was also there available for interview.

Santiago was mainly asked about the big change in the core gameplay, created by the new dribbling system, among other improvements. As our source puts it, it makes the player feel like the game is more than just passing around the ball and wishing for the best anymore. Now, it truly feels like you can control the outcome of each player encounter.

Santiago explained that EA Sports was looking at how to bring the game back to somewhere where it was overall more fun. He also explained how the game was being designed so that everyone can play the game, even without using cheat codes.

This all does sound encouraging, but it should be noted that the preview is based on a build that dates from before the World Cup, and while EA Sports may be iterating on it, what is being described here may not reflect the final product. Still, if you were put off by the last FIFA, this may be one worth tracking down.

FIFA 15 is coming September 23 to 3DS, PS3, PS4, Vita, Wii, Windows, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.