Grand Theft Auto 5 New DLC: Comedy Club And Arena Maps Leaked

We have new information on more upcoming DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online.

These are basically two new maps that may have been inspired by or lifted directly from prior Grand Theft Auto games. These two new areas are a stadium and a comedy club, respectively. These maps were presumably found in the game code.

The stadium may be the Maze Bank Arena in the main Grand Theft Auto 5 single player game. It’s a pretty straightforward map. You see a huge oblong and most of the details are on the entrance area. It’s also possible that this could be a monster truck arena, fun for races and things like that. Of course, if it’s not, the players could easily turn it into one.

The comedy club map is also straightforward. You can easily identify the seats, entrance and stage. You have seen comedy clubs in older Grand Theft Auto games before, and now you’ll be able to enter them with your friends.

Now here’s where our source gets weird. He believes that this content will not be coming up until Grand Theft Auto 5 gets released on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. Furthermore, our source believes that this content will not be making it to the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, due to technical limitations.

Obviously, if Rockstar tried to pull something like that, it would seriously hamper the companies’ reputation, but aside from that, there’s no reason to believe that this is actually true. Having said that, a delayed release for this content, due to jumping from two to five platforms, is more likely.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming to Windows, PS4, and Xbox One this Autumn.