H1Z1: Developers Talk Bows and Arrows and Hunting in the Zombie MMO

H1Z1 game designers Adam Clegg and Jimmy Whisenhunt have spoken about using bows and arrows and hunting in the open world zombie hunting MMO. 

The non-gun combat still needs a little tweaking and the game's developers are planning to include features such as flaming and explosive arrows to H1Z1.

Hitting a target breaks an arrow, but if you miss you can pick it up and use it again. There will also be the option to go prone and an auto-run command. 

The gameplay livestream lasts an hour and you can watch all of it below. H1Z1 is being developed by Sony Online Entertainment and is coming to PC and PlayStation 4. You can also check out the game's E3 trailer in case you missed it here and more on the game's weapons