H1Z1 Info Blowout: Gun Rarity, Early Access Weapons

A senior designer on H1Z1, Jimmy Whisenhunt, has been answering questions about the game over on Twitch.tv, where he fielded questions from the game’s growing base of fans while streaming a game of Hearthstone last night. 

Here are some of the questions that were asked, which he managed to answer (via laffman, who compiled the following list of questions and answers for reddit)

How fast will stamina recover? – Controversial at the office wether it regens too quickly or not right now. He is of the opinion that it is too quick atm.

Will military guns be rare? – Yes they will be rare and harder to find than regular guns.

How rare will guns be? – Right now there are more guns than there should be. Definitely needs tuning and playtesting and it will be tuned down.

What will be monetized? – They are looking at things that don't affect survival, that's all he can say about it.

Arent you afraid that some of the rulesets you guys suggested on Reddit will take H1Z1 away from the hardcore survival too much? – No because if you don't want to play with that ruleset you don't have to.

What's your favorite weapon in H1Z1 so far? – Machete is really fun!

What weapons will be in early access? – Some weapons he mentioned will be in EA or shortly after: Air15, 1911 Handgun, Pump shotgun, M24 and a ton of melee weapons with more being made as they go

Designed primarily as a cooperative survival-action game, H1Z1 is expected to see release on both the PC and PlayStation 4.