Todd Stashwick Joins Amy Hennig Once Again At Skydance New Media

You might not know about Skydance Media. This wasn’t a video game studio originally but instead, strictly a Hollywood studio that brought in plenty of big-name films over the years such as Mission Impossible and Terminator. From there, the studio opted to make a video game division, and to start things up, they went for a skilled developer that has gained worldwide notoriety, Amy Hennig.

Amy Hennig might be known best for her time at Naughty Dog where she brought up Uncharted, a very much beloved video game IP. These were story-driven action-adventure games that left players going to all kinds of exotic locations in search of treasure and mythical cities. However, after so long Amy Hennig left Naughty Dog where she ended up working on a video game project for EA. 

That project was a Star Wars title that seemingly was staying around the same kind of vibe as Uncharted. This would have been a story-driven action-adventure title but that project was eventually scrapped. While Amy left EA, she did land on her feet as heading Skydance Media Studio. While their first game has yet to be unveiled, it looks like Amy will be reunited with a familiar face.

Todd Stashwick was working with Amy originally with the now-canceled Star Wars project but now he’s finding himself working at Skydance Media Studio on their thrilling action-adventure game. We’re again left waiting to find out just what this project will be about, but at the very least it looks like Amy will have some former developers to bring out an incredible IP release. 

Meanwhile, it looks like there is plenty of Star Wars projects in the works as we know that at the very least Ubisoft has a project being developed by Massive Entertainment, the folks behind The Division franchise. Likewise, Naughty Dog has started to break into the Hollywood business themselves with their Uncharted and The Last of Us being adapted into a movie along with a television series. 

Source: Gamesradar