Ed Boon Makes Note Of Marvel Fighting Game Rumors

Ed Boon is known for co-creating the highly popular and beloved fighting video game franchise Mortal Kombat. Currently, the developer is the creative director for NetherRealm Studios where Mortal Kombat has continued to thrive. Over the years we’ve seen new installments released into the marketplace and since then the studio has even dabbled into the DC Comics universe with the Injustice video game franchise.

While not as violent as Mortal Kombat video games are, NetherRealm Studios offered fans a DC Comics fighting game. Players received a storyline based around a tyrannical Superman with both heroes and villains colliding in a grand battle. There have been two installments released so far and they have been just as popular to play as the Mortal Kombat video games. Most assumed that while NetherRealm Studios had finished up Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate, we would be moving on to the next Injustice installment.

So far, whatever NetherRealm Studios is working on next, we don’t have any official confirmation. With that said, there was a popular rumor going around online that suggested this studio was working with Marvel to produce a fighting game comparable to Injustice along with Mortal Kombat. After all, NetherRealm Studios has been pretty solid when it comes to releasing fighting games so who better to develop this game? 

Of course, that’s all we had right now was just rumor until Ed Boon took to Twitter. Ed Boon is doing one of two things, he’s teasing us with a false rumor or hyping up an upcoming announcement. Ed Boon simply tweeted out that movie director James Gunn had worked for both DC and Marvel which was impressive. Fans are hopeful that this tweet is just the start of the hype for an official announcement trailer, but for now, all we can do is wait and see.

Source: Twitter