Rumors Suggest Mortal Kombat And Injustice Devs Are Making A Marvel Fighting Game

Rumors are constantly flooding the internet for the video game industry, but there are some insiders to take note of. One of those being Daniel Richtman. Recently, a new rumor has spread online about NetherRealm Studios developing a new fighting game but this time featuring Marvel superheroes. Of course, this is just a rumor so nothing official has come out yet, but already fans are excited about what this game could look like.

NetherRealm Studios is a staple development studio for fighting video games. With Mortal Kombat being one of the most iconic fighting video game franchises of all time, this studio went on to develop another big hitter with Injustice Gods Among Us. This was a game that played out similar to Mortal Kombat but with DC Comics characters. Fans enjoyed this game with its twisted storyline of an evil Superman and iconic villains along with heroes fighting each other on a wide variety of stages.

While Mortal Kombat recently had a new installment and Injustice two installments deep, most were assuming that NetherRealm Studios is just working on a third Injustice video game title. However, Daniel Richtman reportedly unveiled on his Patreon page that the studio is working on a Marvel fighting game. Nothing more was unveiled so we don’t know just what to expect, but it’s likely going to play out a bit like Injustice.

Marvel in general is a big company with countless iconic superheroes and villains. Not to mention plenty of interesting storylines to dive into. It will be interesting to see just what a NetherRealm Marvel fighting game would look like, but for now, all we can do is wait and see if this rumor proves to be real or not.

Source: Screenrant