London Studio Has A New Game In Development

London Studio has been around since 2002 and over the years the development team has brought out some big video game titles for fans for the PlayStation consoles platforms since the PlayStation 2. Now the biggest video game titles that most might be familiar with is the EyeToy along with SingStar. Both were more aimed at party games and have had a series of installments available. However, their latest video game release that may have fans familiar with the team as of late is Blood & Truth.

Blood & Truth was released back in 2019 for the PlayStation VR headset and it was one of the more staple video game VR installments on the PlayStation VR platform. As a result, there is plenty of fans out there that are thinking whatever the studio is working on next may be aligned with the VR platform again. Unfortunately, we don’t know that for sure but what we do know is that the studio is working on a new video game title.

This came from the PlayStation London Studio website where Tara Saunders, a co-head for the studio, has made note that their next video game project has huge potential and is working to empower the team at the studio in order to bring out a high-quality video game. Again, nothing has been revealed just what the studio is working on as they have developed several different types of video games in the past.

What may make so many players thinking this will be a new VR title is the fact that Sony is working on a PSVR 2 release. Much like this video game project, nothing is really known at the moment for the upcoming successor for the PlayStation VR headset. Perhaps we’ll get a glimpse of what London Studio is developing in the coming year when production starts to really ramp up.

Source: Gamerant, London Studio