PSVR Unveils Doom 3, Fracked and Other Games

Sony revealed several new games coming to PSVR in a special showcase. It’s an unusual crop of games, including a VR port of Doom 3, survival games, a first-person-shooter, and an espionage puzzle thriller. It’s a strange mix, to say the least.

While we know that Sony is working on the next generation of PSVR, it’s been clear that it’ll be a long time before we see this new headset. In the meantime, it’s good to see it supporting the current version of PSVR. Out of all the reveals, probably the most interesting is the Doom 3 VR port, if only because it was, in retrospect, a good candidate for the VR treatment. The port redesigns some aspects of the game — for example, parts of the UI are now visible in-game as a wrist-mounted Pip Boy-looking thing. This is also the only game with a specific release date, coming out on March 29.

Other titles might not be as recognizable but are no less exciting. I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and the Liar, for example, was announced for PSVR, having been previously confirmed for PC VR systems. Zenith, a JRPG-inspired fantasy MMO, was also shown, as was Song in the Smoke, a survival game set in a mystical, primitive world. After the Fall is a zombie co-op shooter in which players can team up to fight the undead in a frozen, post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.

Perhaps the strangest title announced was Fracked, from nDreams, the creators of Phantom: Covert Ops. It can best be described as a skiing shoot-em-up in which the player takes on some kind of interdimensional beings in a remote mountain fracking facility. It’s about as unusual as that description implies. All of the games, except Doom 3, have general 2021 release dates, with After the Fall and Fracked due out sometime in summer.