Actor Henry Cavill Makes A Tease To Mass Effect Franchise

Henry Cavill is a behemoth of an actor right now. His popularity from being Superman to now Geralt knows no bounds and he’s also been pretty upfront about being a gamer. While this actor probably has a ton of projects in the works, he’s also fond of teasing fans with what could be coming out online. One of the teases seems to be catering towards the Mass Effect franchise. Unfortunately, there’s no telling what this could be about.

Right now, Henry Cavill has been lending his talents into becoming Geralt of Rivia, the leading Witcher protagonist for the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher series. While the Netflix series adapts more of the novels, you could argue that the CD Projekt Red video game releases helped give this IP some popularity so naturally, the Netflix series has quite a few video game fans tuning in to see how the series plays out. Although, there may be some gamers tuning in to see Henry’s next project that he teased on Instagram.

Through the use of his personal Instagram account, Henry Cavill has teased an image of him holding up a paper that references different Mass Effect aspects. According to the post, this is either a tease to something or a paper full of random words. Now fans are wondering just how Henry is being attached to the iconic BioWare RPG space drama and just what this project could potentially entail for the future.

BioWare has charted our three iconic Mass Effect video game titles for the initial trilogy that take players through an epic journey. However, we know that BioWare has another Mass Effect video game in the works. Perhaps Henry Cavill will be portraying his talents for a video game character or there’s the chance we’re seeing Mass Effect get a live-action adaptation series much like how we’re seeing Uncharted, Halo, and The Last of Us. For now, only time will tell, but what are you hoping for with this supposed tease?

Source: Comicbook, Instagram