Halo TV Series Has Been Moved To Paramount+ 

Halo is no longer going to be debuting on Showtime. The iconic science fiction FPS video game franchise has a long line of video game titles for fans to enjoy and while the IP has been rumored to receive a feature film into the marketplace for years, things picked up for a live-action television series. Like all projects, things shift around and change all the time so it was a bit of a rocky launch to see this television series kick-off, but production eventually was underway.

For quite a while now we got the news that the upcoming Halo TV series would be featured on the premium network Showtime. It was going to highlight the storyline of Master Chief as he battled against the Covenant alien invasion. Meanwhile, fans of the series have been waiting on the actual footage to come out showcasing what the series will be like when it does launch. It would seem like everything is still on schedule, despite some hiccups due to the coronavirus worldwide health pandemic outbreak, but there is a change to how the series will be brought out.

Rather than being featured on Showtime, it looks like things have changed and the Halo TV series will instead be featured on Paramount+, which is a new streaming subscription service. It was found that this television series might be one of the key seller to get Paramount+ some real traction in the market, but that remains to be seen, especially if fans opt to pay for the subscription service purely for the Halo television series.

At any rate, this new Halo TV series is set to release in 2022. This also not the only film production in the works right now when it comes to video game adaptations. We know that there is an HBO series for The Last of Us, an Uncharted prequel movie, along with a reboot to the Resident Evil film franchise. It will certainly be interesting to see how all these upcoming live-action adaptations are received when they make their way out into the public.

Source: Deadline