PlayStation State Of Play Is Making A Return This Week

For years companies would flock to E3 in order to share their latest and biggest news or announcements for the video game industry. It was a trade show that really catered towards the industry and also was one of the main ways to spread the information out to fans as what they could expect. However, E3 has seemingly become less of a means to showcase news and more of an event to celebrate the video game industry.

As a result, we started to see more conferences get dropped as companies opted out of E3 2019. Then E3 2020 was outright canceled thanks to the worldwide health pandemic outbreak that happened. We’ve seen several big-name companies take up with streaming and uploading video streams in replace of their planned conferences. This could end up being the same trend that happens during this year’s E3 as these companies could save quite a bit of money not paying for the big stage events or floor space to showcase demos.

Sony follows the same path that Nintendo went prior to 2020. Instead of big conferences or events, Sony offered viewers a stream to highlight announcements. For Sony, this set of streams were called State of Play which would vary in how long the event will take and what all would be featured within it. Today we’re finding out that Sony will be holding a State of Play event this week.

To be specific this upcoming State of Play will be held on February 25, 2021, at 5:00 PM ET. This event will be featuring video games specifically so don’t expect any hardware announcements or reveals for the upcoming second-generation PlayStation VR headset which was recently announced. Viewers will find about thirty minutes of content and will include new video game announcements. We also know that both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles are being showcased here so there should be something for everyone.

Source: PS Blog