Next Pokemon Go Season Is All About Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon is such an iconic and popular franchise. After its debut in the 1990s, we’re still seeing this IP make a massive impact in the marketplaces all around the world. From anime, manga, movies, trading cards, plush, to of course video games, we’re not seeing Pokemon come to an end anytime soon. In fact it wasn’t long ago that we saw Pokemon take a big jump from its standard mobile Nintendo handheld video games to being featured on our smartphones.

Nintendo made a big plunge into the application marketplace with smartphones and one of the titles that were heavily popularized all around the world was the introduction of Pokemon Go. This video game is relatively easy to understand and was an incredible hit. Overall, the video game had players use the Pokemon Go application on their smartphones along with the GPS location services. From there, when players roamed around in the public they could encounter Pokemon to capture virtually. It was such a big phenomenon it was nearly impossible not to see people old and young on their smartphones in parks, stores, and sidewalks in search of Pokemon. 

While the Pokemon Go application is still popular, we’ve really seen a slowdown in how many players are actively out and about for these virtual Pokemon. One of the reasons is the fact that there is a worldwide health pandemic we’re all still facing against. Fortunately, Pokemon Go has received an update that makes playing the game a bit more accessible at home. However, we’re about to dive into the second season for this game.

It’s been unveiled that the second season for Pokemon Go will be based around Legendary Pokemon. We know that the season is officially titled Season of Legends were starting on March 1, 2021, that we’ll see Legendary Pokemon and apparently Trainers as well. This season will likely have a few iconic Pokemon make an appearance for players to take part in along with events, but we’re certainly interested in seeing just how accessible this season will be with the pandemic outbreak going on.

Source: Comicbook