Pokemon Go Has Become More Accessible For Those Playing At Home

Everyone knows about Pokemon. The franchise is massive and over the years we’ve seen several Pokemon animated series, movies, to video games. However, what caught some fans off guard was Pokemon invading smartphone. Back in 2016, which feels like a million years ago at this point, we received Pokemon Go, a smartphone title for iOS and Android. This title was massively popular and everyone was enjoying the game.

When Pokemon Go first launched into the market, players could use location services on their smartphones and head out in the real world as they hunt down Pokemon to capture. I’m sure you all can remember as well as I can the number of people roaming the outdoors, from parks, the city sidewalks, to even in their cars as they moved from one parking lot to the next just to find various Pokemon or gym locations. It was a fun thrilling experience and certainly one that has become quite unusual today.

Thanks to the worldwide health pandemic outbreak, there’s no going out anymore. It’s all about staying socially distant from others and that kills off the experience for a lot of players that are either still into Pokemon Go or are just getting into the title. After all, a big part of Pokemon Go is wandering out with friends as you seek Pokemon through your smartphone location services. Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom for this title.

According to a report from Pocket Gamer, it appears that Pokemon Go is experiencing stronger spawns which means that Pokemon are appearing a bit more often than before. You could find Pokemon wandering close to your house which means you can still enjoy this game without having to go outdoors. Also depending on your location, going outdoors is a bit of a chore with the winter season. At any rate, you should give the app a try if you haven’t done so in a while.

Source: Pocket Gamer