Industry Insider Claims Bethesda Is Hopeful Starfield Launches This Year

Bethesda is a massive name in the video game industry. However, it was recently acquired by Microsoft which means that their future video game titles releases could very well end up being an exclusive under the Xbox umbrella. Thanks to the acquisition deal with ZeniMax Media, Microsoft was able to buff up its first-party studios and resources. Included in that deal was Bethesda which made quite a few headlines online.

The developer known for Fallout and The Elder Scrolls franchises has been relatively quiet about the upcoming video game releases. Outside of launching new content and updates to their Fallout 76 MMO title release. With that said, we do know that Bethesda has been working on two other video game projects which is the next thrilling installment to The Elder Scrolls series and a brand new IP. At the time of the announcement, we knew that The Elder Scrolls VI along with this new IP, Starfield, wouldn’t be available until the next-generation console platforms launched.

Now that the consoles have released, the first title up to release will be Starfield, an upcoming science-fiction RPG. With no details released regarding what players can expect from the game, it looks like there is a chance we’ll see this game launch into the marketplace this year. That may be surprising to some since we haven’t seen this game or a Bethesda event in over a year now, but this news comes from an industry insider by the name of NateDrake on Resetera. 

In a forum post that highlights a rumor of Microsoft throwing a Bethesda showcase event next month, NateDrake noted that Bethesda was attempting to get the game out this year. Unfortunately, that news comes from sources before the mess we’ve had to endure lately. Thanks to the coronavirus health pandemic that has struck the entire world, it’s possible that this development progress was delayed too much for the game to successfully launch into the marketplace this year. For now, we’ll have to wait and see if this showcase happens next month which may shed some light on what Starfield is about along with when players could expect to play it. 

Source: Resetera