GTA 3 & GTA Vice City Fan Remastered Projects Gets Killed Off By Take-Two Interactive

Fan games are pretty incredible. The amount of time and effort that goes into these projects which are completely done by the pure love of the IP is outstanding. While studios can have a swarm of developers and divisions working on a single project, these fan’s games can be a small group to an individual person taking the time to craft out a storyline that complements the groundwork laid out by the developers originally. Then afterward it’s all about the artwork along with the time and effort to provide gameplay that either mimic the original IP or enhances it.

Unfortunately, some of these fan games tend to get killed off. There’s a real gamble here as fans know that there could very well be a takedown letter notice that gets sent by the lawyers of these IP owners. Sometimes we get a few developers that are fine with fans and their projects, but most often these IPs are really protected. As a result, some fan games are kept in secret and worked on until they are ready to be released into the marketplace in order to avoid the takedown notice and provide other fans a look at their craft. We’ve also seen some fans get a takedown notice and scrap all references to the IP in order to release their own unique game. 

One of the games that were catching attention online recently was a reverse-engineered Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto Vice City. These titles would allow a fan to really make some notable enhancements for players to enjoy but that’s not going to be the case here as Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games has killed the project off. That may be a bit of a bummer for players that were hoping to see this project continue on and release, but that could also be an indicator that the rumored remastered editions for these games are officially in the works. 

For now, there’s no official word that Rockstar Games is remastering or remaking these video game titles for a modern platform. Currently, we are seeing the development company bring out more updates to the Grand Theft Auto Online counterpart of Grand Theft Auto V. Likewise, we’re all eagerly awaiting to see the announcement for Grand Theft Auto VI and what all that may entail such as the rumored female protagonist

Source: Comicbook