RTX 3060 Finally Hits The Market On February 25th

When it comes to PC building, you either love it or hate it. Some prefer going the easier route of buying a prebuilt system that would come with all the components for the system attached leaving it a plug-and-play system. Unfortunately, this route means paying a bit of an upcharge on the system when you could use that money to make other upgrades for the overall PC gaming experience. At any rate, building PCs can be intimidating at first but once you spend some time watching other YouTube video guides, you can see that building a PC is not all that difficult. 

There are quite a few PC gaming enthusiasts out there that are itching to make some upgrades to their system. While some have kept up with the latest and greatest, others on older components and graphics cards may find that their system just can’t keep up. One of the more enticing component upgrades to get released into the market is a new line of GPUs from Nvidia. The RTX 30 series has proven to be killer and it’s gained a ton of attraction online from consumers looking to purchase either a PC upgrade or for a new PC build.

Now you can mark your calendars for the latest card release when it comes to the RTX 30 series, the RTX 3060. This new card is coming out on February 25, 2021, for various retailers. Unfortunately, there’s no Founders Edition card so you will need to pick up a card from one of the third-party manufacturers. This should give those with older cards a nice jump in performance, just as long as it’s compatible with your system and not being bogged down because of other components in your build. 

Unfortunately, there is one major issue with this card upon release and that’s likely the demand for a unit. We’ve seen several of the past RTX 30 series cards get sold out practically immediately making them difficult for consumers to get their hands on. As a result, they have raised in price which allowed resellers to thrive. Perhaps you’ll have an easier time grabbing up an RTX 360 when it officially hits the marketplace.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun