Nvidia Comments On The Massive RTX 3080 Launch Fiasco 

Nvidia is a massive name in the PC community. If you ever built your own PC then you’re likely using an Nvidia or AMD graphics card, but right now the attention is surrounding Nvidia. Recently, the company unveiled its latest graphics cards into the market and it was a big anticipated hit. With the specifications revealed, it looked like AMD was going to have a tough time competing. Not to mention that these graphics cards could potentially sway some console gamers over. Still, the fact is that there’s a lot of disappointment going on at the moment for Nvidia.

The latest RTX 3080 release came out this past morning and about everyone who was looking to purchase a card was unable to. With consumers logging online early in the morning to get a card, the storefronts all immediately displayed that the stock was sold out. There are even reports online from Reddit that suggests some retailers within the markets didn’t even get units shipped in. Ultimately, this left plenty of upset consumers claiming that Nvidia was purposely holding back graphics cards to drive sales with the only people to actually obtain these cards are various personalities online to showcase the graphics card. 

That’s of course just rumors and speculation with PC building enthusiasts online. Today we’re finding out that Nvidia has submitted a statement over the matter and claims that the stock was displaying sold out simply because the website was overwhelmed by the traffic. Now the stock will hopefully go back to showing normal units readily available to purchase. Still, it may prove to be an obstacle for Nvidia to endure from units purchased.

In the same post, Nvidia also claimed that they are monitoring purchases. Overall, the plan is to ensure that the cards go to legitimate customers rather than being bought up by bots. This is a big problem for just about anything that’s hyped up. Resellers use bots to purchase several units up to flip online for a profit. For now, it looks like those that are wanting to get an RTX 3080 may be waiting a good little while before units really become available to purchase.

Source: Nvidia, Reddit