EA Will Keep Up With Its Star Wars Video Game Projects

When Disney had acquired the Star Wars IP, it was shortly met with EA having exclusive rights to develop Star Wars video games for several years. We’ve seen some high points since then along with low points for EA when it came to the line of projects released. For instance, one of the more interesting games that had fans eager to dive into was a title being developed by Visceral Games with Amy Hennig, famed for the Uncharted franchise, working on the project. 

Unfortunately, that studio was closed down and EA scrapped the project. Since then we had some ups and downs with the Star Wars Battlefront franchise while Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was proven to be an incredible success. However, the exclusivity rights for EA came to an unexpected end when Disney opened up Lucasfilm Games which would be the home for all future Star Wars projects.

That doesn’t mean EA wouldn’t be able to develop more Star Wars projects in the future. Likewise, this opens up for other developers to make new Star Wars games with Ubisoft already confirmed to be working on something for the IP. There could be additional games being developed by other studios, but so far there haven’t been any more announcements.

With that said, EA recently had an investors call where the topic came up over the Star Wars IP. According to EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson, we can still expect quite a few more video game projects being developed for Star Wars. The CEO went on to state how the exclusivity ending doesn’t mean that there would be any fewer games being developed from EA for the IP. Of course, at the moment, we’re not sure just what the next big Star Wars game will be from EA. Although, with the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, we can’t imagine Respawn Entertainment would be passing up on a sequel opportunity. 

Source: PC Gamer