Tomb Raider Sequel Has A Writer & Director 

There are no shortages of movie adaptations for the video game industry. We are seeing an upcoming reboot of Resident Evil, Uncharted has a prequel film in the works, and even Sonic the Hedgehog is receiving a sequel. However, there is one film franchise that debuted back in 2018 and will soon receive its own sequel which is Tomb Raider.

Tomb Raider had a reboot of sorts in 2018 that saw actress Alicia Vikander step into the role of Lara Croft which played out similar to the Tomb Raider video game reboot. In this film we watched Lara Croft go on a big adventure that was full of twists, turns, and supernatural elements. Of course, now that the film has been out for a few years, it’s been a waiting game to see if a sequel would make its way out into the marketplace.

While things have been more tricky with the worldwide health pandemic outbreak, it looks like Tomb Raider 2, which doesn’t have an official name to showcase at the moment, has some new developments. It was unveiled that MGM Studios has brought on Misha Green to write and direct this upcoming film. If you’re unfamiliar with the name, Misha may be best known for her work on the HBO hit series Lovecraft Country. Although, this would be Misha’s first feature theatrical film. 

With that said, it looks like Alicia Vikander is stepping back into the role of Lara Croft for this sequel as well but it might be a bit before we see more about this film. While we’re still enduring the virus pandemic, production for the upcoming Tomb Raider sequel is just getting started. As for the state of Tomb Raider’s video game franchise, the next and only new installment in the works is Tomb Raider Reloaded which is an upcoming mobile title slated to launch sometime later this year.

Source: Deadline