Uncharted Movie Has Finished Filming

Video games being adapted into movies is nothing news we’ve seen several IPs get picked up and translated into films. However, there has been a resurgence lately with the amount of video game movies and TV series being put out into the market. While there is always a mixture of fans either interested or going in with low expectations, some films have really blew up. In fact, there are productions that fans are eager to see released into the market.

For instance, Naughty Dog has two of their IPs being developed into a new entertainment medium. The Last of Us is getting made into an HBO series while Uncharted has a film being made. The latter of the two is something that we’ve seen picked up and dropped quite a few times over the years. It really looked like Uncharted was never going to be made into a live-action film which would have been a shame. Naughty Dog has really crafted their games to feel like a cinematic experience and Uncharted really shines as a great action-adventure storyline. 

While the film production struggled initially, things finally picked up not long ago. Instead of a direct adaptation, the Uncharted movie will act as a prequel with Tom Holland taking the role of a young Nathan Drake along with Mark Wahlberg being throw into the role of Sully. It’s been a long journey for this film but the actual filming has concluded with the actors moving on to their next major roles.

This film has a long way to go as post-production has started leaving the final touches to be done before it’s ready for viewers to sit in and watch. With the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak still very much a big issue around the world, there’s no telling if this film will see a launch into theaters yet or if we’ll get the ability to enjoy the movie from the comfort of our homes. At any rate, there’s plenty of time to see just where this movie lands up.

Source: Twitter